Porkchop (cat) has recovered 90% of his leg strength. He has trouble with high jumps to his food stash and so he is manually transported. He will not be chasing mice or birds anytime soon and he needs to accept a dignified retirement. I give him ASA 81 every 3 days as a blood thinner. Most cats don’t make it beyond 9-12 months after an embolism. Time will tell. But for now death has been pushed back. Cats are tough beasts.

Karl: (dog)

What you don’t read about adopting a retired racer Greyhound is the length of time it takes to adjust from racetrack life to home pet life. Its only now after nearly 2 years that his inner goof has emerged and he’s come out of his PTSD protective shell. He approaches people for a sniff, doesn’t startle as easily, and is no longer resource guarding. Trust has been established. His vocabulary has expanded. “W” is now a key word to go out accompanied by enthusiastic bounding about. He communicates his needs fairly readily through visual means and gets vocal when ignored. He likes cuddling time.

In brief he has graduated from livestock to house pet. The wait for genuine dog-hood was well worth it.




I came across this updated article recently, pertaining to the family of the woman strangled there last spring…

The crime clearance rate is well under 10%.

Barely a day goes by without reports of government ineptitude, armed robbery, murder or a fatal MVA. Most of the latter are a combination of impaired or dangerous driving, poor or no policing, and badly designed high crown roads leading to rollovers.

I do not recommend relocation there as it appears to be a failing ineptly managed third world state. The expats attracted to the place are eccentric do it yourself libertarian minimalist. But I  guess they have a right to their view of paradise.

Mexico is more my style. It is widely considered to be a prime retirement location as supported by the IL  retirement index. I like the people, the colonial architecture, culture, food, and the embracing of modernity in the form of Costco or  Sam’s club plus old traditions like Dia de Los Muertos. My kind of place. Maybe one day…



The Donald:



The evidence is overwhelming that Trump  suffers from a malignant narcissistic character disorder a cluster B category. These individuals are untreatable, have a lack empathy and  an  intolerance of criticism. Their inner sense of self is fragile and protected by a thin coat of character armour. When they decompensate, paranoid delusions emerge. In other words there is no accountability and everyone else is to blame. Such a person should not be in possession of nuclear launch codes.

Trump however is not as scary as his supporters. It’s hard to believe that a nation with the technology to send a man to the moon or  a robot to Mars could elect someone this pathological….


On the other hand,I am glad I live north of the border with a better looking mentally fit prime minister and the same stuff Americans have like cheeseburgers, taco kits and Amazon but with socialized health care.

Hopefully the prevailing northwest winds will keep radioactive fallout from North Korean missiles further south.



What I have learned about women after 40 years of individual and marital counselling and residing with a few of  them  can be summarized thus..


But to succeed with one then certain adjustments are required; to wit:They are always right. “If a man is alone in the forest with no women to hear him, is he still wrong?”

Of course.

The role of women is to turn men into women so they can better regulate and relate to them. That’s  why you go shopping with them and take over traditional tasks like baking and laundry.

Assimilation is inevitable. Resistance is futile.

I have long concluded that homosexual liaisons however are more stable and long-lasting and it’s because of mirroring.

But it’s not a choice and so  we are genetic prisoners. A Kafkaesque outcome.


The internet has given a voice to the ignorant and vapid. People seem more angry and intolerant. They relate electronically

in contrast to my idea of dating…


Or I could just be getting old.

In my twilight years I carry now just 4 cases. Two long-term analytic therapy clients selected for quality control: high IQ, motivated, introspective and insightful.

And to keep things real supportive therapy of two blue-collar boys of hard-drinking and tobacco smoking Canadian  stock.

But I am done writing now as I need to fetch laundry,mop the kitchen floor, cook a routine meal of bacon wrapped pork  tenderloin with orange cream sauce followed by strawberry shortcake.





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2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. kristina Nadreau says:

    check the cats poop for blood if you insist on giving him aspirin. The dogs progress is excellent. you are to be congratulated for your perseverance.

    your remarks about women are spot on. also, your assessment of Belize is accurate.

    The Roman empire fell, as does the USA. Trump is a symptom. I see no method or means to reverse the downward spiral. I am a US citizen.

    Actually I hold the medical profession responsible for the decline in intelligence and critical thinking skills……… saved too many defectives who have been allowed to live to the age of procreation.

  2. Carole Kocian says:

    Most cats that we’ve owned that live long term have been stricken by kidney failure. My daughter and her first cat grew up together and at 17 years it was the first really hard time when the cat was sick beyond recovery.

    The dogs sounds like he’s got some spunk that is truly enjoyable. The W word in our house is want. Usually followed by dog food. One dog is 13 and the other ~10. Both rescues when quite young.

    Mexico, all true, and in addition one is not doomed to die in the event of a serious medical crisis. In the case of a crime, every suspect is arrested, at least.

    Donald? He’s decisive.

    Relationships are very nice when the atmosphere in the domicile is positive. Discussions about common problems at home always lead to differences of opinion. A resolution must be had and that’s when I’m always right. Duties are pretty equally divided.

    Social media is the devil when hot topics are the order of the day. In times of disaster, angels are everywhere.

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