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This is my second review of blackdogtimes statistics. My first entry on the subject revealed that vaccination refusal was number one on the hit list. I don’t have much to add to that subject except to note that fears of autism have now been replaced by religious objections: the ethical dilemmas associated with using human tissue cells to create vaccines, and beliefs that the body is sacred, should not receive certain chemicals or blood or tissues from animals, and should be healed by God or natural means. However Islamic  scholars agree that many immunizations are obligatory, when the disease risk is high, far outweighing any risk from the vaccine. The Catholic church and Judaic authorities  traditionally expect certain actions of its believers to maintain health and that would include vaccination. Most Christian churches have no specific scriptural or canonical objection to the use of vaccines. 

So the aforementioned objections are pretty much mierda de toro.


Current blackdog stats revel that Tragedy in The Banana Republic  of Belize has overtaken vaccinations  as the most viewed article overall to date.

Sadly a month after that entry two more murder victims were found with a similar “signature”. A Corozal couple  were found dead by strangulation in a dump miles from their car which was burnt out. There was no mention of duct tape. People are concerned about a serial killer but it is more likely that it is drug related, as is true of most violent crimes in Belize. Belize has the highest drug use in the region and that itself is worthy of analysis considering its small population. This brief essay sums up the sad psychosocial situation there  and why life centers around substances and concomitant criminal behaviour. Needless to say,as per tradition, the two sets of murders will in all likelihood  become cold files.

What Belize needs is for its complacent inebriated population to engage in a good old-fashioned Latin American styled revolution like  the dozens El Salvador used to have.


The second most popular entry is Trump: Alexander or Hitler.

Further observations of the orange dictator have confirmed my original diagnosis of cluster B personality, specifically sociopathy: lying, manipulating, dishonest business dealings, lack of empathy and callous disregard for the rights/needs of others. According to the DSM-5, narcissistic and antisocial personality disorders overlap with each other: lack of remorse and disregard for the wishes, rights, and feelings of others  can  co-exist, as in narcissistic megalomania. Sounds like Trump alright. Just when I thought only Belize was in trouble. Macedonia didn’t fare too badly with Alexander but he was more of a more pure narcissist and Hitler was a borderline character and for Germany we all know how that ended.

The uncomfortable bottom line is that psychopathic traits are pretty well represented in CEO’s and politicians.

Henry the 8th was a successful psychopath but how well Trump will fare depends upon the success of constitutional checks and balances that will serve to keep his impulsivity and obnoxious ignorance under control. Like most Canuckians I miss Obama and praise the hypothetical supreme being that we have Trudeau.


Popular Article number  3 is the one on my analysis of the conservative brain and its paranoid limbic flight or flight wiring problem. From time to time I randomly post my neurological ideas on republican brain dysfunction on Fox news entries. The reptilian replies  continue to support my hypothesis of higher brain bypass and the conclusion that  many Americans deserve Trump, half the nation in any case.


Surprisingly positions  4 and 5 are the articles on Travels part one and twoThe success of these entries might demonstrate that for many people, experiences are more valuable than  material possessions. One  can really like material things. You can even think that part of your identity is connected to those things, but nonetheless they remain separate from you. Eventually you adapt to the novelty of a new acquisition.  In contrast, your experiences really are part of you. We are the sum total of our experiences. Shared experiences I think connect us to others more than shared consumption does. We feel more connected to people who have also backpacked through Europe than people who happen to have purchased the same iPhone. 

Finally the most blackdog  views from both site reviews are readers from Canada, USA, Belize, UK and Mexico. This is not surprising as English is the language of the essays and in Mexico there are many North American expats. 

In the upcoming months I plan to publish more submissions on conservatism- as it slowly erodes our planet and brains and the psychology of why Mad Max: Fury Road is the best action film ever made.

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