Descansa en Paz

My Facebook friend Stewart Rogers died the other day in his sleep in Mahahual Mexico. He was 58. I met him briefly at a yard sale in Belize and bought his cigar box which I still have.  I don’t know much about him though we shared similar political views. Despite being born, raised and schooled in South Carolina he was further to the left than Leon Trotsky. Stewart never minced words about his disgust of conservatives and the republican party…..

“If you are a Christian, and you voted for Trump, you might be in for a big surprise when you die. I don’t think voting for Trump will get you into heaven, you might want to check on that.”

“I know one thing, if there is a hell, hypocrite Republicans are going to burn for eternity; that 2 faced shit you pull now, don’t work with the big guy upstairs. You may a bully and a racist on Earth, but when you die, Hitler and Stalin will be ass fucking you guys in Hell, and you guys deserve it.”

There seems to be no doubt here about his existential position. Sometimes he just had to say it the way he saw or felt it….

“I think all you assholes and idiots who voted for Trump should have to foot the bill for Trump’s lavish lifestyle, not the American people. You stupid fucks should have his bills deducted from your paycheck, since you guys like to suck his dick so much.”

Not much room for interpretation here. There are a lot more colourful anti-republicanisms on his Facebook page, including my favourite submission of his…


I admit I found his material entertaining if lacking in erudition. I have used his input on a few of my entries on the subject.
I enjoyed his blogs especially his critique of Belize relative to Mexico.

He was also a big fan of college football supporting a South Carolina team called Gamecocks or maybe it was Clemson. Canucks aren’t really into college gridiron.

He spent his days greeting cruise ship passengers and showing them around this little Mexican cruise port town. In the photo at the top of this page he is hard at work. I have never been to Mahahual but it is getting popular with nice beaches and good local food.

In the recent past (though I think longer) he had been complaining of nausea and dyspepsia. More recently on exertion he had a vomiting and sweating episode and had vague arm discomfort. He attended local doctors who are in my experience well-trained and “was told it was reflux” and they recommended antacids. So I suspect he wasn’t telling them the whole story.

His well-meaning friends thought it was gallbladder or hiatal hernia but in a 58-year-old diabetic these symptoms could very well be the start of an inferior myocardial infarction. After this last episode I told him to go to Chetumal Mexico (the top-notch Clinico Carranza where I sent people from Belize) and get an EKG but it didn’t happen. Denial and fear can be strong deterrents.

Well I will miss him, and his outrageous anti republican diatribes, and I hope he remains in the Mexico that he loved so much. Being planted in a republican state would kill him.

RIP Stewart



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2 Responses to “Descansa en Paz”

  1. Jeremy Taylor says:

    I also miss Stewart even though I never met him in person. We had communicated by way of Facebook for several months. I really liked him and had hoped to go meet him. I never saw any mention of his passing in the newspaper here in South Carolina.

  2. Alec Mendez says:

    I just today realized I wasn’t getting his blogs anymore. I enjoyed his stories about Mexico and Mahahual.

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