No Exit: 20,000BC-2017AD

Act 1 Scene 1
A hungry bear walks into a cave populated by two Neolithic chaps of different political viewpoints
The liberal offers food and hugs
The conservative clubs it to death
The liberal tries to engage the conservative in discussion about conservation and respect for the environment and other life forms
The conservative clubs the liberal to death
Can they co-exist?

Fast forward…

A friend and I, both of left-wing orientation were discussing the ongoing debacle of conservative governance in the USA. I will admit the topic provides me with endless entertainment and opportunity to hone my skills at sociopolitical analysis……

“Conservative or right-wing thinkers tend to be the bullies of the world. As much as we try, bullying will always exist. The rest of us have to try to figure out how to coexist with them”.

I’ve spent the better part of my life, trying to figure out how to deal with this type of personality. I’ve tried everything from agreeing, to negotiating, to outright confrontation. Nothing works, it’s all about them. Fairness or reason does not factor in.I don’t know that you can even agree to disagree. There is always a hidden agenda in their favour although they might try to make it look otherwise. Your wants and needs don’t really matter so there is no room for compromise.

“You can’t rehabilitate someone who will never acknowledge that they have a problem to begin with. So their problem becomes your problem if you want to keep the peace”. No argument.

The more I research the neuroscience, the more I learn that it may supersede nurturance in conditioning right-wing brains. The only way to test this, is with twin adoption studies of children born to conservative parents . Take one and adopt them into a liberal family. In 20 years compare their fMRI’s and political views of the twin cohorts.

The science isn’t quite there for an adoption protocol but the available neuro data suggests that conservatives are hard wired to limbic system override of cognition. To put it simply they are wired to a paranoid reactive fight or flight position….

Research also suggest that conservatism satisfies normal deep human desires to manage uncertainty and fear by finding beliefs and values that are certain, stable, and unchanging.  The need is for order, structure, closure, and management of threat real or imagined. So, what exactly does this mean for political orientation? Essentially, one could argue that a Republican finds the emotional aspects of a position of primary importance, while a Democrat relies more heavily on logical analysis. Thus conservatives champion stability, while liberals are more comfortable with change. Adaptability is easier with the liberals’ larger anterior cingulate cortex.

In addition conservatives suffer from the Dunning Kroger effect: “this is a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority , mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is”. The outcome is that ineptitude and stupidity are given equal status to reason and empiricism -the dumbing down of America: Global warming is a hoax, despite all the evidence and the overwhelming consensus of those with real expertise. Evolution is false, despite literally mountains of evidence and the near unanimous consensus of experts in a dozen fields of science. And the Trump effect: “I know more about ISIS than the generals, believe me.”

The real danger with conservatives that they don’t know that they are being nasty and ignorant. It’s an unconscious reflex action.

Lets look at the Dunning Kroger effect in action…
I posted this on FB Fox news. The topic was an Anne Coulter interview..
Me: “A classic example here of the republican brain. Neuroscience has demonstrated that they are hard-wired to paranoid fear and whatever IQ might be available is bypassed. Dangerous”.
Reply # 1: “How’s the Maple syrup up in Ontario? Thick and bitter?”
#2: “Classic left smugness. You imply everyone else is dumber than you no matter how wrong you are you’ve already decided that you are the victor because you’re some how better than who you don’t agree with. Pure ignorance”.
I suppose he has a point somewhere in there
#3:“This from someone who needs safe spaces and safe words for microaggression? Come on give us an Ouch.”
#4 : “Worry about your own country or America will send 10 million of the illegals to your country.”
#5: “The Dumbocrats are constantly like a spoiled 2yr old. Tantrums and shitting themselves”.
#6: “Coming from the party who’s afraid that barbecue grills and cow farts will destroy humanity.”
Never smoke near the hind end of a bovine. I learned that in Kansas
#7: “You are a classic example of the snowflakes that spout total rubbish without any facts to back it up. Go to your safe place and stay there until you can come to terms with losing the election. Stop trying to hinder any decision that president Trump makes.”
#8: “We in the USA who love our Constitution and founding Declaration of Independence realize what’s at stake when any group in society does not adhere to the foundational doctrine. Muhammad was a pedophile and Islam holds children and women as slaves to men.”
a  non sequitur perhaps
#9: “Canada is welcoming the refugees. Take them all. Now let’s wait and see how that works for you.”
It is working fine
#10: “You aren’t even American you’re Canadian, mind your own countries business and worry about the fiasco that Trudeau is creating. You’re embarrassing yourself and your fellow Canadians with your comment”.
#11: “You’re a POS!!Get your stinkin nose out of our politics! AHole!”
Not much room here for interpretation.
#12: “We won you lost and here you are whining again like a little Sissy”.
#13: “And all liberals are retarded. Scientifically proven.”
#14: “A classic example of a turd sucking Libtard brain. You make your Libtard mommy proud.Now go back to her basement”.

#15: “I can’t wait for the civil war to start…so we can rid our country of the libtardism that has taken over”

Clearly what all this demonstrates is that it is a terrible thing to  let a human being loose without an operating central nervous system.

I was asked if liberals can and should try to rehabilitate the “reptilian” republican brain. I tend to think not to both and so the prognosis is grave (pun intended).  After all picture a primate in a pool trying to engage a crocodile in intelligent discourse. The outcome is predictable. The end will most likely not be met in the middle east but in Korea:”Donald Trump slams North Korean despot Kim Jong-un for ‘acting very badly’ after testing new long-range rocket engine”.

But for now its time for red wine and ice cream with maple syrup shared with my dog in my safe space.


The writer thanks Mr Claude Francis for his contribution.




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2 Responses to “No Exit: 20,000BC-2017AD”

  1. kristina nadreau says:

    The ultimate difficulty is that most liberals have a streak of moral compassion that prohibits killing other humans. The cure for bullies is death. It is the only thing that works. Reason does not work.

    The only reasoning that will work to inspire liberals to overcome their scruples against killing human bullys is that used to for the use of abortion as a method of preventing births. One death for the greater good of many. 6 million jews could have been saved from the gas chambers if Hitler, Goebels and Goering had been put to death early in their careers when their madness was first evident.

    I understand that this pragmatic assessment is not popular.

    I would point out that all conservatives, depending on the definition of conservative, are not Trump supporters. All people who support fiscal conservatism for governments are not crazy. I am not at all interested in how other people experience sex. I am very interested in how my tax dollars are collected and spent.

  2. P Brooks says:

    While I like your comment and it does has merit, there are some inherent problems. I think Allan’s profession has had some difficulty with that one for some time gets to decide who is nuts and by what majority? At what point to people cease to merely annoying and graduate to candidates for your final solution. As cynical as I am, hope springs eternal in this liberal’s brain/heart that kindness, compassion and common sense will someday develop in the hearts of all those tea party christians.

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