The Decline and Fall of the American Empire



In light of recent events I thought a re-entry of my submission Republican Disorder , might prove timely and shed light on why things unfolded as they did election wise in the US and A. I hope to shed light on the neuropsychology of why half the denizens of this failing state have elected a misogynistic racist malignant narcissist as president.

Conservatives it seems are hard-wired by virtue of dysfunction in the amygdala portion of the limbic system, to exist in a fixed paranoid protective state I refer to as pre-traumatic stress disorder. As an extension of this one might expect to find Xenophobia and Racism  as well, again for safety and protective reasons. The upshot is that these individuals suffer from neuropathology and have no insight into their  subsequent aberrant behaviours.

Essentially, they are brain-damaged and in need of empathy and rehabilitation not derision. Of course all the liberal rehabilitators are moving to Canada and so the decline of the American empire is a forgone conclusion.
Poor self-esteem and emotional immaturity is at the core of the narcissist and at his  recent  meeting with Obama at the White House he looked like a contrite child.  There may not be any reason to fear Donald Trump, perhaps most of his threats were only a political ploy to gain votes and for self-aggrandizement. He may not build a wall or give Putin the nuclear codes. Narcissists lack a solid inner sense of self and so are chameleon like and what he really is, is a liberal disguised as a right-winger.

One should be more afraid of the 50 million brain impaired people who supported his ideas and voted for him and who now feel entitled to be racist or sexist because they won.

America has been “trumped” and is the victim of a big  joke. His conduct, in keeping with  his personality style was really a reality show act…”tell me what you hate and I will tell you what you want to hear.” And he won. I don’t think he expected to win so now Trump is likely thinking “what the heck I’m doing here and what am I going to do”.

This all should be entertaining from this side of the Canadian border anyway.




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2 Responses to “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire”

  1. kristina nadreau says:

    he will do nothing because he does not have any idea of how to operate as a chief executive in the government system. His ignorance will create a leadership vacuam which the morons in congress will rush to fill. there is the tragedy.

  2. Stella Mac says:

    I have been reading election comments with interest because I have been trying to understand why anyone would vote for Trump.
    People talk about HRC being a “congenital liar,” but conveniently ignore the lies spewing from Trumps mouth.
    They talk about the damage done by the present president, what damage? From what I can see he is an honest, christian (a trait republicans seem to value) and reasonable man, who turned around the American economy, provided millions with affordable health care and improved your international reputation after the laughing stock that was George W.
    There is mention Trumps business acumen, but he has declared bankruptcy several times, and has a habit of cheating tradesman. I understand he has been sued more than 4000 times. Quite an impressive record. He also started with inherited wealth and all the advantages that that includes.
    I guess the KKK endorsement didn’t alarm anyone either. Does the way he treats women fall in with American values, a grab here and there isn’t really a big deal is it?
    If you were to list the qualification of both main candidates in a list without name or party affiliation HRC would always be the most qualified.
    I am Canadian, not a democrat and not even a HRC fan, but I am astounded by the ability of republicans to try and justify their choice of Trump. You would have to be deaf dumb and blind to think that he was the right choice and to say that it had nothing to do with race or gender is disingenuous and self-serving

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