La Vacance


I regret that there will be no standard article today as I am on a short sabbatical. This is taking place in Montreal, PQ, Canada where I was born and bred and where my keen intellect was forged at McGill University….


Well not exactly here as this is the Redpath museum which has a Gorgosaurus, shrunken heads, mummies and a stuffed hyena.

A typical day begins with an egg McMuffin, followed by walking, lunch of Chinese Dim Sum, more walking plus beer, dinner of smoked meat on rye at Dunns Deli, hot bagels for dessert, followed by additional walking.

It has not been all fun and games as I have been subjected to hours of shopping with my female companion and encouragement of the horizontal challenges of obesity. I also received a ticket from a French-speaking Cambodian cop for an illegal left hand turn.

Much of my time has been spent in old Montreal observing tourists from Vermont watching performing Peruvian musicians….

During my tour of Catholic churches, I  requested confession at the Cathedral of Notre Dame but the priest needed more time….



Saturday’s article should be on zoophilia. Stay tuned…

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