The Biology and Evolution of Human Density


Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”

Carlo Cipolla: “Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.”

George Carlin:”Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider.”

Humans and stupidity have had a long and often stormy relationship.Thus the etiology of “IQ deficiency disorder” deserves an (irreverent) exploration. And the best place to start is the ESA (Excited States of America). The paradox of the ESA is that it gave us the science to land a fellow on the moon but also Kardashian worship, Fox news, and republicans. But we should start with the basics.

Stupid def:”having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things. : not sensible or logical.

“Moronity” is either inherited or learned. The former used to be referred to as mental retardation and now political correctness leads to the more vague and less pejorative term “intellectually challenged”. The retardation designation was classed at one time as organic brain syndrome and is rightly treated in civilized society with compassion and education/training.

This discourse however concerns itself with learned causation and the realization that intelligence requires the right genes of course but perhaps also the right attitude. The wrong one is atavistic. Atavism is the tendency to revert back to ancestral origins. In biology, it is an evolutionary throwback, such as traits reappearing which should have disappeared generations before…..

17536298768_8a7ac7b0b5                                                                                 Correct Cognitive Evolution

17537770249_e84bba0c74_z                                                                                               Atavism

I believe that the type of idiocy of the redneck republican sort typically is a matter of self-harm resembling obesity or drug abuse. We could blame genetics but I think humans must take responsibility for their actions, rather than blame a cruel or unintelligent upbringing via stupid parents or maybe local culture in general.

The limbic system (aka reptilian brain) of the central nervous system concerns itself with survival: fight or flight, pleasure vs pain. The higher brain with reason and logic. Stupid folks have not made the evolutionary leap from limbic to frontal lobe and so they depend on faith and belief rather  than independence of thought. Normally you might expect someone like this to be removed from the gene pool.

An actual Darwin award anecdote..
“A man testing the power of crazy glue, slathered some on his hands and entering a pen,slapped a rhino butt at a zoo. The rhino had been treated recently for constipation with laxatives and our hero was nearly drowned and trampled in rhino poop. Zoo vets tranquilized the creature and freed the mans hands and so unfortunately he was back in the gene pool..”

That’s civilization. Read mercy  and compassion. Intelligent people therefore, by virtue of empathy and rejecting of eugenics theory, are ensuring the survival of the next generation of idiots. Sometimes however nature fortunately takes its course compliments of anaphylactic shock…..

As for republicans there is a science that demonstrates a clear correlation between conservatism, low IQ and actual neuroanatomical defects.That also predisposes to pre traumatic stress syndromes and Fox News Dependancy Disorder.

Further data has also confirmed the obvious conclusion that the Kardashian phenomena is essentially “mindless entertainment for imbeciles”,and that preventive pre frontal lecotomy is a consideration.

What offers some hope for the less cerebrally endowed is a recent discovery of a viral cause of imbecility which is a DNA virus known as ACTV-1 and therefore similar to those that cause cold sores and genital herpes. Essentially like herpes, the virus may cause of form encephalitis affecting cognitive functions by wrapping itself around host DNA.

Hope for a stupidity cure then rests with antiviral DNA agents like acyclovir. Preliminary findings based on tests performed in Troy, Alabama are promising and hopeful. 78% of residents there treated became democratic socialists who gave up E! and Fox for PBS and initiated online philosophy courses.

One small step for pharmacology and one giant leap for humankind.

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One Response to “The Biology and Evolution of Human Density”

  1. kristina nadreau says:

    thank you for answering all my questions about the origins of the increasing percentage of stupid people. Until now I had thought that the increasing incidence of fools was due to both petro chemical toxicity, TV and advances in medicine which have allowed the defective flourish and reproduce. I have not noticed this phenomenon in other mammals.

    On a slightly different note I suggest that congenital stupidity is not confined to the tv herpes of “developed” countries epitomized by the USA. For example, The middle eastern population has been on a downward spiral for about 2000 years, coinciding with the birth dates of several religious leaders.

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