Robotic Love: Never Having to Say You’re Sorry



I just recently brushed up on the ethics of sex with robots. Now the part that caught my interest was this…”there are certain people who can’t be in a healthy relationship for physical or emotional reasons so this kind of technology might really solve a deep human need for them.”

This begs the question of course, which led me to review Krafft-Ebing’s 19th century treatise Psychopathia Sexualis, a deviant’s manual. One relevant category is referred to as agalmatophilia, a paraphilia (perversion) involving sexual attraction to a statue, doll, mannequin or other similar figurative object.

Person to person sex exists, depending on viewpoint, for three reasons (a) reproduction, (b) the building of relationships and through its role in supporting marriage, the strengthening of communities (c) recreation.

The first popular with traditional religion is no longer a predominant world view. Recreational or casual sex promoted at one time by the Playboy philosophy, views sexuality as a game of no greater emotional significance than golf or table tennis. This existential position is not as popular brought to a halt by viruses and the threat of intimacy often getting in the way. Relational sex however is the most congruent with basic human nature. As a social altruist species humans are programmed to bond. But this assumes normality in the attachment and separation/individuation process the road to autonomy and healthy sexuality.

In Freudian psychodynamic theory being stuck in the oral infantile phase by virtue of excessive gratification of needs, leads to neurotics constantly seeking nurturing and attention. So such individuals view others as a giant breast there only to please. The fact that there is a woman attached is secondary.

In object relations theory people become stuck in a phase of non distinction of the other. Others are there only to be manipulated and to feed the ego. Narcissism again. The cluster B personality epidemic of our times. Of course most happen to be men. The gender most likely to enjoy porn, artificial vaginas, and robot sex.

As it turns out most men are raised by women. Contemporary mothers have been raising overindulged self-absorbed princes for at least two generations now. Those that tend to view others as commodities. For such men, woman become part objects there only to satisfy. The narcissist can’t tolerate critique or rejection. Enter robots. No rejection. Never any criticism (unless so programmed for humiliation). Always say yes. Multiorgastic.

Now not surprisingly these orgasmatrons are Japanese made. Many males in that country view sex with a real person a bother and prefer anime characters to the real thing. Many feel online or robotic sex is less unpleasant than actual human sexual contact (which involves smells, exertion and secretions).

In Japan they are  culturally open to robots, by virtue of Shinto based animism. They don’t make a distinction between inanimate objects and humans. So there is a supportive cultural infrastructure. The problem though is the potential extinction of the Japanese in one generation. So in their case I believe it’s just a form of escapism, another in a long line of Asian quirks.

But the narcissistic appeal to atheist, narcissistic, western males is obvious….
eg consider this authentic contemporary male-female interaction recorded in Nebraska and Germany…..
He (Omaha) “hey honey grab me a brew will ya?”
She :“What your arm broke?”
later on..He( Omaha) “hey sweetie lets batter the ole corn dog”
He (Berlin): “würdest du gerne blitzkrieg mit dem fleishgewehr?”
She (Omaha): Excuse me? I’m tired and have a headache
She (Berlin): Entschuldigen sie mich? Ich bin müde und habe kopfschmerzen”
Robot She: (Berlin and Omaha)
“それは良いアイデアです” (wonderful idea)

This is indeed a brave new world. But of course we must now consider a recent Psychology Today opinion on robot sex ethics with a Marxist slant ….”once the collapse of the consumerist, competitive mind-set occurs, we will be free to rebuild a social order characterized by economies built upon sharing rather than hoarding, a politics of respect rather than of power, and a sexuality of intimacy rather than alienation”….

17216453691_301ce70fa0_z                                                                   Socialist Androids

…well perhaps not.

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3 Responses to “Robotic Love: Never Having to Say You’re Sorry”

  1. Carole Kocian says:

    This should be recommended to Kim Jong Un who assembles “comfort squads” or whatever!

  2. kristina nadreau says:

    highly entertaining, probably accurate, certain to offend many…..

    Few devices are designed for women, perhaps due to economic disparity.

    Kraft-Ebbing as a reference? I am astonished.

    • Allan Seltzer MD says:

      ^Women are less prone to view men as part objects and more so as total individuals and so they are not going to be interested in machine or cyber love. Narcissistic disorders and sexual deviations are less common though borderline/histrionic disorders are and they are usually accompanied by hypersexuality or identity disturbances but with real people.

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